E100 Multiservices

All additional costs on the road are easy to cover with the E100 Card

  • full service package for fleet maintenance
  • availability on the main transport routes of Europe
  • security of cashless payments


More than 1300 cargo routes of the Baltic, Scandinavia, North-Western Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • all ferries in one package
  • online booking through personal account
  • confirmation of registration within 30 minutes
  • discounts and individual prices
  • suitable for minibuses, buses, trucks, trailers and oversized vehicles
  • no tickets – it is enough to show the reservation number for access to the ferry
Annual service of 120,000+ ferry crossings


Container shipments of goods without lines and traffic jams on major European destinations.
  • online booking and payment in your account
  • accurate planning of delivery and route time
  • safe transportation of cargo
  • travel time is considered the time of rest of the driver
  • Austria – Hungary
  • Austria – Italy
  • Austria – Slovenia
  • Austria – Croatia
  • Germany – Italy
  • France – Italy
  • Switzerland – Italy


180+ truck parking in Russia and Europe for ensurance the safety of your car and cargo.

Spacious parking spaces that meet safety requirements.
  • 24-hour security
  • Monitoring

Car wash

A clean car rides faster!

200+ modern complexes in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.
  • standard truck washing
  • sanitation
  • dry cabin cleaning
  • engine washing
  • removal of bituminous stains
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Estonia
  • Russia
  • Belarus

Car services

Freight transport maintenance by our partners in 28 European countries.
  • 18 service stations in Poland for scheduled maintenance and repairs, guarantee and post-guarantee repair, installation of Toll Collect devices

Poland, Russia
  • 500+ services in Western Europe for repair and elimination of breakages on the road

Bridges and tunnels

Non-cash payment for the most popular bridges and tunnels of Western Europe without additional devices and registrations.
  • online reservation in your account
  • payment by the tolls device
  • the service is available in the post-pay mode
  • Big Belt (Denmark)
  • Oresund Bridge (Denmar – Sweden)
  • Hardanger bridge (Norway)
  • Sykkylven bridge (Norway)
  • Svinesund Bridge (Norway)
  • Osterei Bridge (Norway)
  • Rion-Andirion (Greece)
  • Viaduct Millau (France)
  • Eurotunnel (Continental Europe – United Kingdom)
  • MONT BLANC (France - Italy)
  • FREJUSTUNNEL (Bardonecchia – Modane)
  • KARAVANKE (Austria – Slovenia)
  • LIEFKENSHOEK Antwerpia – Beveren (Belgium)
  • HERRENTUNNEL (Germany)
  • THE JONDAL TUNNEL (Jondalstunnelen) (Norway)
  • T-LINK (T-forbindelsen) (Norway)


Mandatory convoying of foreign cars through the territory of the Republic of Belarus is available to customers of E100.

The payment of the E100 card is possible at the border crossing Kozlovichi – Kukuryki (Belarus – Poland).
  • cashless payment
  • no additional registration and reservation of the service needed
  • guarantee of safety of your cargo and truck

Road assistance

Services of the Road Assistance Club in emergency situations on the roads.
  • repair of any complexity and evacuation of transport
  • liquidation of consequences of accidents
  • delivery of spare parts and documents
  • search for missing drivers
  • legal assistance and consulting
Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Kazakhstan.
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